Dear young green friends,

we happily invite you to be our guest at the next General Assembly of GRÜNE JUGEND that will take place from 21st to 23rd of April in Southern Germany, Heidelberg.

The topic of our GA will be „Let’s change the world before others do“. We are going to discuss our aims for the big elections of two state parliaments in May and the federal parliament in September, our goals for fighting right wing populism, climate change and fighting for a better future. There are going to be several workshops and discussions on these topics and some famous german green politicians are going to join us as well.

We, the International Coordination Body of the German Green Youth, hope to organise an international workshop or panel discussion, in which we want you, our international guests, to present your experiences with national election campaigns to us. In this workshop, we would like to get informed about your experiences and learn about your organisation, your campaigns and fun and successful actions you did in the past to win as many new voters as possible.

The BuKo („Bundeskongress“ or General Assembly) is a “special ecosystem” (as one of our last guest from Spain described it) with young species from all over our Green planet that come together not only for discussing serious political topics but also to have lots of fun, get to know each other, exchange views and positions, dance like crazy at night and learn a lot.

The GA will be held (mainly) in German. We will bring you together with German Young Greens who can help you during the conference and reduce language barriers. The workshop on international campaigns will be held in English with translation so everyone can take part in it.

The participation fee for the General Assembly amounts to 60€ for the whole weekend. This fee includes free vegan catering and a place to sleep in the school. However, if you do not see yourself able to pay this fee, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Interested? Please register on this website for participation until 6th of March 2017.

Do you have any questions? Then write an email to

Your travel costs inside Germany will be reimbursed by the German Young Greens. For the costs to Germany, please ask your organisation first. If this is an issue, we might be able to reimburse the travel costs of selected international guests.

Hope to see you soon in Heidelberg!

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