Dear Green Friends,

you are invited to be part of our next GRÜNE JUGEND GENERAL ASSEMBLY (Bundeskongress/BuKo) from 5th till 7th April 2019 in Leipzig, Germany.
The motto of this assembly will be “Wir nehmen unsere Zukunft in die Hand!” (,,We take our future in our hands!’’).

This spring it depends. The European elections will decide which direction this continent is going – and we have a say in that! We put an end to a policy that puts our future at stake and create prospects for our generation – throughout Europe. We need you all because the time to act is now.

You will furthermore have the chance to meet a lot of Young Greens from Germany, debate together, dance together and have a lot of fun! The GA will mainly be held in German but we will arrange for provided simultaneous translation by German Young Greens to help you during the conference and to reduce language barriers.

Interested? Don’t hesitate to apply here until 24th March, 2019, 23:59 CET!

Questions? Then write an email to the team.

Your travel costs IN Germany will be reimbursed by the German Young Greens.  For the costs TO Germany please ask your organisation first. We might be able to reimburse a small amount.

See you in Leipzig!

Anna Peters, Julius Rupprecht, Hannah Meinecke, Clara Winkler, Patrick Haermeyer, Anna Hochmuth (International Coordination of GRÜNE JUGEND)