No time for small steps – fight for the future!

Be a part of the 55th General Assembly of the Green Youth!

In our election campaign we stand up for a change in politics in actions both small and large, in the streets, in our alliances, in the whole country. But we also know: This fight will not be over after the federal election! The urgently needed change is part of all areas of life: It isn’t fair that we are being exploited at work for far too low wages while rents keep going up. It isn’t fair that our every day life is suffering under the federal government’s extreme austerity while our future is being gambled away in favor of commercial interests. It isn’t fair that funding for our public life keeps getting decreased while profits keep growing. Change needs to happen now for all people to have a chance of a good life. No matter what the composition of the next federal government will be: It will need to make fundamental changes in all of these areas. It is not an option to stumble from crisis to crisis with only minor adjustments. We will all be needed to make this change we so badly need. The good news: We are as many as never before and stronger than ever.

At our General Assembly we all come together to make it clear: We don’t have time for small steps. We need to fight for our future for ourselves!

Last year the developments of the pandemic situation forced us to organize the first digital general assembly of the Green Youth. This year’s 55th Assembly will be held in person. Without a doubt the pandemic will still affect us this fall, and our assembly will not be quite the same as in previous years. This is necessary to ensure we can hold elections, proposal debates and discussions about content.


Members’ Assembly

This annual congress will be our General Assembly and is the highest party organ of the Green Youth. All members present can discuss and vote on our positions. The General Assembly will be held as a one-day event on Saturday, 9th October. Due to the pandemic it is particularly important to plan events according to the number of participants, so that we can develop the most fitting hygiene concept. Therefore, please make sure to sign up at the latest by Monday, 27th September 2021, 23:59. You can find the sign up form here.

The Antragsgrün/information on proposals for the 55th Annual Assembly can be found here.



The Assembly will be held in Erfurt. Since there is still some risk of infection we have to organize the event accordingly and put particular emphasis on safety. That is why we have chosen a venue that enables us to practice social distancing and yet still come together for our General Assembly. Further information on the venue and organizational questions can be found here soon.


This project is supported by the Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament and the European Green Party